We are building teams and developing team leaders which will be resilient and effective under pressure and uncertainty in high stake environments.

Building and training crisis management organisations from the scratch, refreshing knowledge and skills by a tabletop exercise or testing your organisation by a demanding multi-level simulation: we train practice-oriented with focus on core competencies with real impact. We will always immerse you as well as us in challenging scenarios.


Our goal is to prepare your crisis organisation for two decisive skills: first, the swift launch of systematic, unagitated crisis response (“SLOSUC”) and second the successful synchronisation of crisis response activities with crisis communications, business continuity measures and emergency/incident/issue response, as well as with external stakeholders. Thus, your crisis organisation will work with less friction as a well lubricated gearbox.


With severe but plausible scenarios, customised and developed for your very organisation, our team will challenge and improve your crisis response skills to cope with sudden hazards and/or emerging issues according to your individual threats. Be it a cyber attack with loss of confidential data, be it a compliance case, be it a loss of building or power shortage or be it a storm of outrage on the social media: we are able to provide scenarios on the full range of your vulnerabilities.


If you are not yet using a methodological framework, we offer you the use of our method for successful crisis management. Derived from the best of aviation, research and armed forces, the method impresses with its straightforwardness and easy-to-use templates even under time pressure. This means faster, methodical response in crises, but also shortened training time.


Tabletop Exercises

A tabletop exercise is a single-level exercise best suited to train problem solution methods for single crisis teams or task-forces.

Tabletop Exercises with Information Gaming

Information Gaming adds additional uncertainty to the situation and the challenge of exchanging information with a set of actors.

Framed Tabletop Exercises/Simulations

In a Framed Tabletop Exercise, the trained team or task-force is surrounded by their own organisational units (e. g. an IT Emergency Board or an Executive Board etc.), bringing realism and the challenge of effective synchronisation into the exercise. Additionally, Information Gaming and other actors may be played by our team.

A Simulation is an Exercise, where the scenario develops according your crisis response activities and measures.

Multilevel Exercises/Simulations

Multilevel Exercises or Simulations include two or more trained units (Crisis/Emergency/Business Continuity and Crisis Communication teams). For example, the scenario is set in such a manner, that an IT Emergency Board is trained at the same time as the Crisis Board, the Communication Board as well as the Executive Board. Avoiding duplications in response, responsibilities and decision making authority is, aside the scenario and its topics, the key challenge.

Exercises/Simulations with Media and Social Media Simulations

Loss of reputation is a major threat for every organisation. Imagine extensive attention by media, storm of outrage on social media or a disinformation campaign against you. Here, the key challenge is to align the facts within your organisation and to swiftly issue consistent key messages to all target audiences on all appropriate channels while maintaining the overview on the topics.

We are the flagship providers of Social Media Simulations integrated into operational and strategic crisis scenarios.

Analysis and consulting

We will X-ray and assess your readiness for critical situations and crises and compile a clear audit report.

Of course, we may also bring in our expertise into the development of your crisis or emergency plans.