Training solutions

Training crisis management organisations from the scratch, or refreshing knowledge and skills, or improving methods of your choice: we train it practice-oriented with focus on core competencies with real impact by using the Competency Based Training approach.

Normally, we train along the proven and uncomplicated method with 3+8 core activities compiled by us. Of course we flexibly adapt us to your existing methods and principles, if needed.


There is nothing than a demanding exercise with a tailored scenario to get valuable insights and to train and test your crisis plan. After careful and collaborative engineering, we do table-top and partial exercises of a duration of 1 up to 2 days, involving crisis organisations at the executive level as well as business-continuity and Emergency boards. Since well-organised cooperation in a crisis is crucial, the involvement of external, even international stakeholders as role-players or in real is also possible. Thus, you will experience how to cope with one of the most difficult challenges of crisis leadership:: how to handle all the stakeholders.


Decision making, effectuation and coordination under pressure, uncertainty and fatigue is a key element of successful crisis leadership. Our simulations for executives react on the decisions of the teams of 6 to 8 participants, challenging them over and over with new situations. By the use of generic scenarios, we let them experience promising leadership approaches, proven practices and helpful tools. Normally, a simulation has a duration of 12 hours and is offered under the brand of «CRISIS|SIMULATOR” as open or as in-company course.

Tailored Crisis|Simulator

Of course, we can also tailor a simulation for the needs of your organization and engineer a specific scenario. A tailored simulation is optimally suited for internal training of leaders and executives in the areas of crisis response as well as in making and effectuating decisions under pressure and uncertainty.


We will X-ray and assess your readiness for critical situations and crises and compile a clear audit report.