About us

How to lead myself and my team under pressure, uncertainty and exposure? How to lead my crisis organisation? Which best-practices will help to synchronize structures, to make timely decisions and to communicate consistently?
We facilitate personal learning and growth in crisis leadership and crisis response.

We are trainers and instructors; less theory, more practical experience for our customers and participants. In our exercises and simulations, we use experiential learning to create knowledge and skills through experiences.

We are experienced scenario engineers; we construct realistic and demanding crisis scenarios on corporate or executive level, including real dilemmas in order to enforce inconvenient decisions.

Portrait Michel Kenel

Michel Kenel

MSc. ETH Zurich
Owner, trainer and instructor

Portrait Hans-Georg Borchhardt

Hans-Georg Borchhardt

Trainer and instructor

Portrait Urs Bachmann

Urs Bachmann

Trainer and instructor

Portrait Thomas Herzing

Thomas Herzing

Security Expert

Additional Trainers and Instructors are completing us for larger or more special projects; everyone has professional experience in crisis management and leadership.

We do trainings in English, French and German.