Practice the five core competencies of crisis response and recovery.


Swift launch of a unagitated rhythm of goal-oriented meetings


Systematic but flexible method from situation to effect


Synchronised structures and crystal-clear roles


Proactive collaboration of open-minded and high-spirited teams at the right levels


Consistent communication: the right messages to the right stakeholders

Learn how to start swiftly and to respond systematically to a critical situation or a crisis. Learn how to protect your credibility and your reputation. Learn how to lead your crisis team in an unagitated manner to success. Use these capabilities also in your everyday’s life.

We focus on competency-based training, derived from training methods used in aviation. There is no use to train an exceeding range of complicated methods. We train core competencies, allowing you to respond swiftly off the cuff and suited for all type of critical situations and crises. The excellent news: these competencies are as well useful in normal business life; investing in crisis resilience means also investing in overall management and leadership skills.

The masterclasses are, as open courses, offered in German language only. Nevertheless, we will be delighted to organise a corresponding tailored course in English at any location at your convenience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The masterclasses are also well suitable for owners and managers of smaller and medium-sized enterprises.

We provide practical and highly immersive training in the use of our methodological framework for successful crisis response and recovery. Derived from the best of the aviation industry, of private companies and armed forces, the framework impresses with its straightforwardness and procedures that are easy to use under time pressure. This means faster, methodical response in crises, but also shortened training time.